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Sabtu, 02 Maret 2013


Penguin is one of birds that can’t fly. We can see the penguins at the zoo. We can also see them in their natural habitat, but it is difficult to do.
Penguin's body is perfect for swimming in the sea. Their front body color is white and their back color is usually black. Penguins have a long beak to eat, because they eat shellfish, fish, and squid in the sea. Penguins can swim at speeds of 6 to 12 km / h. Small-sized penguins usually dive for one to two minutes in the water to catch food. Penguins try to reach the tip of iceberg to find a mate. After meeting the couple, a few weeks later the female penguins lay eggs. This is where the male penguin’s responsibility begins. The male penguins will take over to keep the eggs until the eggs hatch for about 4 months. While the female penguins return to the sea to look for krill or fish for food.

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